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Top photo:  Oracle Park, home of the San Francisco Giants - Photo credit: Harold Litwiler, cc by 2.0

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About Station Events Guide

You'll find everything you need to know about each stadium, arena, or ballpark - which pro baseball, football, hockey, basketball, or soccer teams call it "home," what kind of other events such as concerts, ice shows, or other sports you can experience there, event schedules and ticket information, seating charts, transportation and parking information, nearby hotels, and where to eat.

Teammates statues at Fenway Park in Boston
Teammates statues at Fenway Park in Boston

You can also find out about more about each team, and when and where they're scheduled to play. 

Prefer concerts or other events?  We have up-to-date schedules for those in each city too.

And finally, if you're visiting from out of town or maybe just coming in for the day from the suburbs, we have visitor guides for each city with a focus on stadium events, where to stay, how to get around, and a few other fun things to do.

What Inspired Stadium Events Guide?

The first thing I usually do if I'm planning a trip is to check out what's happening - specifically, what events are scheduled at stadiums, arenas, and sports fields near my destination. 

Are there games, concerts, Disney on Ice, other special performances, maybe even a rodeo that I want to see?  Are tickets still available?  What's the best (affordable) seats available?  And what else is there to do nearby - maybe a ghost tour, a cool museum, a riverside park?

Then I zero in on nearby hotels, and scope out transportation options for getting to the events.

This all takes some time to research, especially in places I'm not familiar with.  So I started making "cheat sheets" for each place I visit.  At first, I just shared them with friends and family - and then realized others might benefit from them too. 

So that's how this website began.

I hope the guides to stadiums and other sports venues, concerts, teams, and cities on this site give you everything you need to quickly and easily plan an amazing trip!

Thanks for stopping by!

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