Are you heading to PPG Paints Arena (previously named Consol Energy Center) to watch a Pittsburgh Penguins home game, a concert starring internationally-famous artists, or another crowd-pleasing event such as Cirque du Soleil, Disney on Ice, or Jurassic World Live Tour?

Going to a Game, Concert, or Other Event at PPG Paints Arena?

If you're booking a spur-of-the-moment trip to Pittsburgh for a Penguins game, concert, or other event at PPG Paints Arena, we have you covered.  Here's where to get tickets, best places to stay nearby, and a few other fun things to do.

Game, Concert, & Events Tickets

Top Hotels near PPG Paints Arena

More Fun Things to Do in Pittsburgh

We give you all the information you need to make your visit to PPG Paints Arena fun and stress-free. 

In this article, you'll find schedule and ticket information about games, concerts, and other events, tips on how to get there and where to find cheap parking, bag policies and tailgating, best places to stay and eat nearby, and lots more!

Top photo:  Enthusiastic crowd in front of PPG Paints Arena - Photo credit: Nick Amoscato, cc by 2.0

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PPG Paints Arena Schedule & Tickets

Find tickets for Pittsburgh Penguins home games at PPG Paints Arena starting in early fall when pre-season games begin, continuing through the winter and mid-spring, and perhaps continuing into late spring when the Penguins make the playoffs and Stanley Cup finals.

Here's a discount you can use for PPG Paints Arena games and concerts:

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Pittsburgh Penguins Home Games at PPG Paints Arena:  Schedule & Tickets

For games (as well as concerts and other events), you can pick any seat and be assured of great visibility of the action on the court.  As a bonus, seats at PPG Paints Arena are known for the reasonable prices.

    See all PPG Paints Arena games, concerts, other events

    PPG Paints Arena Concerts:  Schedule & Tickets

    Find tickets for concerts and other events such as comedy shows at PPG Paints Arena:

      What to Expect at PPG Paints Arena

      Le Magnifique sculpture by Bruce Wolfe outside of PPG Paints Arena - Photo credit: jpellgen@1179_jp
      Le Magnifique sculpture of Penguins owner/former team member Mario Lemieux by Bruce Wolfe outside of PPG Paints Arena - Photo credit: jpellgen@1179, cc by-nc-nd 2.0

      PPG Paints Arena opened in 2010.  With excellent views wherever you sit, PPG Paints is considered one of the best all-purpose indoor arenas in the US. 

      In addition to being the home rink for the National Hockey League's Pittsburgh Penguins,  PPG Paints Arena also hosts ice hockey tournaments and other events including the Stanley Cup Finals, college basketball games (Duquesne University and University of Pittsburgh), ice shows such as Disney on Ice, gymnastics and wrestling events, and concerts featuring internationally-famous artists such as Paul McCartney, Justin Bieber, and Céline Dion.

      PPG Paints Arena's central location just a few blocks east of Downtown Pittsburgh gives you all the conveniences of being right in the middle of a vibrant city, including easy access on Pittsburgh's "T" (subway), plus plenty of places to eat tasty local cuisine and sample beverages from the thriving craft brewery scene before and after arena games and events.

      With hockey game seating for 18,387 fans (the "87" honors Penguins captain Sidney Crosby's number) and concert seating for up to almost 20,000, PPG Paints Arena delivers an excellent viewing experience along with all of the conveniences of being right in the middle of a vibrant city.

      Essential to Know Before You Go

      • PPG Paints Arena is a cashless facility.  Bring a credit or debit card for food, parking, etc.  There are also "reverse" ATMs on site to convert cash to a debit card ($5 minimum).
      • All alcohol sales within the arena at Penguins games end at the beginning of the third period; at concerts and other events, the end-point varies.  You must be 21+ to purchase and/or consume alcohol within the arena, and all concessions and portable vendors limit you to only 2 alcoholic beverages per purchase.
      • You can bring signs or banners to most events but they must be "in good taste" as determined by the venue management, and must not be commercial or incorporate metal, wood, or other types of objects; they cannot be hung or fastened anywhere inside the venue and cannot obstruct another visitor's view or signs within the venue.
      • Exit/Reentry into the Arena is not permitted.

      Hotels near PPG Paints Arena: 9 Closest Hotels

      Planning a road trip to Pittsburgh for a game, concert, or other event at PPG Paints Arena and need a place to stay?  

      These hotels located on the East Side of Downtown Pittsburgh are the closest to the arena (but they're also just 2 very short blocks from Duquesne University, so book early to get your dates):

      These two hotels are in Pittsburgh's trendy South Side across the Monongahela River, so walk across the 10th Street Bridge, across the Duquesne campus, and 2-3 more short blocks and you'll be at the arena - about a 3/4 mile or 15-minute walk: 

      Finally, here's a selection of Downtown hotels ranging from quite posh to budget-friendly.  Walking distances from PPG Paints Arena about 4 blocks to less than a mile - so you can reach your event from even the farthest in under 20 minutes. 

      Find more Pittsburgh hotels

      Map Showing Pittsburgh Hotels & Best Rates

      Use this map to enter your dates and see best rates (including discounted rates) on available hotels and apartments:

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Charts

      PPG Paints Arena configures its seating plan differently for each event category. 

      Here are PPG Paints Arena's typical seating maps (all courtesy of TicketLiquidator) for 5 of its most popular event categories:  Penguins ice hockey games, concerts, basketball games, Disney on Ice, and WWE: 

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Chart - Penguins Ice Hockey

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Map
      PPG Paints Arena seating map courtesy of TicketLiquidator

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Chart - Concerts

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Map
      PPG Paints Arena seating map courtesy of TicketLiquidator

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Chart - Basketball

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Map
      PPG Paints Arena seating map courtesy of TicketLiquidator

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Chart - Disney on Ice

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Map
      PPG Paints Arena seating map courtesy of TicketLiquidator

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Chart - WWE

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Map
      PPG Paints Arena seating map courtesy of TicketLiquidator

      As one of the US's newer indoor multipurpose events venues, PPG was designed to provide excellent sightlines from all seats.

      If you want to splurge, choose seats withing the first 10 rows.

      If you opt for the cheapest upper seats, you should be aware that they are very high (so maybe avoid if you have a height phobia!), and also offer little leg room.  As an alternative, you might choose SRO (standing room only) tickets if available, since they let you move around.

      PPG Paints Arena Bag Policies

      PPG Paints Arena enforces a strict "No Bag" policy for games and concerts, with only the following exceptions:

      • Wallets and wristlets that measure no more than 6" x 4" x 1"; clear bags are highly recommended (ziplock bags work well), and no more than one per person is permitted  (please note if you've been here previously and remember bringing a larger bag: the bag size has recently been reduced)
      • Bags used exclusively for medical equipment/ADA reasons
      • Diaper bags used exclusively for the care of infants and young toddlers who accompany you; to facilitate speedy entry, use a clear bag such as these from Amazon if possible
      • No larger bags, coolers, backpacks, fanny packs, or sealed packages are permitted

      Bags may be searched upon entry.

      If you bring anything else, be prepared to throw it away or walk back to stow it in your car before you enter.

      Bag Storage at PPG Paints Arena

      Not available.

      Tailgating at PPG Paints Arena

      Tailgating is allowed in some parking lots near the arena (but not in the enclosed PPG Paints Arena Parking Garage), starting when the lots open - usually 4 hours before game time. 

      Typical tailgating rules apply:

      • You must confine your tailgating to your paid space - so no taking over adjacent spaces, and no restricting full access to the driving lanes between rows or blocking traffic in any other way
      • You cannot bring or use personal or private toilets or port-a-potties
      • Cooking grills are allowed only in outdoor non-enclosed parking lots, and must not produce open flames
      • Tents are not permitted

      How to Get to PPG Paints Arena

      PPG Paints Arena Location

      1001 Fifth Avenue, on Pittsburgh's North Shore across the Allegheny River from Downtown Pittsburgh

      Best PPG Paints Arena Entrances

      To enter the arena, you'll have your three different entrances (plus a 4th if you have tickets for a suite) where you'll show your tickets and go through a security check point: 

      • Highmark Gate, next to the Epiphany Catholic Church on Centre Ave - just look for the arena's famous bronze Mario Lemieux Statue which honors one of the Penguin's best players of all time; easily accessible from many of the PPG Paints Arena parking lots
      • FNB Gate, also on Centre Ave and also accessible from the Arena's parking lots
      • People's Gate, on Fifth Avenue and Washington Place
      • A private parking garage entrance - suite ticket holders only

      The Best Way to Get to PPG Paints Arena

      The easiest and best way to get to PPG Paints Arena is to walk, which you can easily do if you're staying near the ballpark or in the nearby Downtown neighborhood - or if you take public transportation to one of those locations.

      Public Transportation to PPG Paints Arena

      The second best way to reach the arena, especially if you want to avoid getting stuck in traffic gridlock, is to take the "T" - Pittsburgh's light rail/subway system - to the Steel Plaza Station about 3 blocks from the arena.  If you board at other "Golden Triangle" stations in Downtown Pittsburgh, your ride will be free. 

      You can also park near the North Shore's Allegheny T Station, the First Avenue Garage next to the First Avenue T Station, or the Mellon Square Garage near the Wood Street T Station and ride for free from those stations to the Steel Plaza Station.  Or park in a garage near any other T station, and hop on board to the ballpark. 

      What about Ride Shares?  Can You Take Uber or Lyft to PPG Paints Arena?

      Yes, absolutely!  In fact, taking an Uber or Lyft to PPG Paints Arena may be cheaper than paying for parking, depending on where you're coming from.  Taxis, of course, are also an option.

      Want to shave off a few dollars?  Ask to be dropped off near one of the Golden Triangle T stations or Downtown, and then take the T for free to Steel Plaza and walk the rest of the way.

      Parking near PPG Paints Arena

      Parking is available in the PPG Paints Arena, at the Jim Shorkey RAM Parking Garage at PPG Paints Arena for non-hockey events, and in many parking lots surrounding the arena. 

      Downtown Pittsburgh also offers 20,000+ parking spaces. Rates at the city's many municipal parking garages and garages located here tend to be cheaper than those near the arena.  (Please note:  To find PPG Paints Arena, look for CONSOL Energy Center (the arena's former name) on the far right edge of the map. 

      This map shows garage locations:

      Downtown Pittsburgh Parking Garages
      Map showing Downtown Pittsburgh parking garages courtesy of Pittsburgh Parking Authority

      Pittsburgh Insider's Tip:  If you're heading to an evening game or concert, street-side parking is free after 6pm.

      Keep in mind that parking is tougher for concerts than for games because they draw significantly larger crowds - so allow yourself plenty of time.

      You'll usually find the best rates (and be able to reserve a spot) by using a parking app such as SpotHero.

      If You Drive ...

      You can easily access PPG Paints Arena from I-579 and I-376.  

      Alternately, you can also exit I-279 at Point State Park on the west side of Downtown about a mile from the arena, and then either park in a Downtown garage and walk the rest of the way (often the fastest option), hop onto I-376 and exit closer to the stadium, or slowly wind your way though local streets.

      Best & Cheapest Ways to Get from Pittsburgh International Airport to PNC Park

      Are you flying to Pittsburgh for a Penguins game, concert, or other event at PPG Paints Arena?

      Pittsburgh International Airport is located about 20 miles from PPG Paints Arena/Downtown Pittsburgh. 

      The best (meaning the fastest and most convenient) way to get from the airport to PPG Paints Arena or your Pittsburgh hotel is to rent a car and drive, take a taxi, or use ride-sharing service.

      The cheapest although not necessarily the fastest or most convenient way to get from the airport to Downtown Pittsburgh is on the West Busway (28X Airport Flyer), which runs about every 30 minutes and costs just a few dollars one way.  From Downtown, you can easily walk to the arena.

      Restaurants near PPG Arena

      You'll find plenty of food and drink concessions inside PPG Paints Arena, including outposts of a couple of local bars and restaurants offering their own specialties and local fare in addition to the standard stadium hot dogs, nachos, and fries. 

      Expect prices to be high, as they are at most arenas an stadiums, and bring a credit or debit card, as the arena offers cashless pay only.

      Outside the you'll find a wealth of wonderful food options, with lots of budget-friendly cheap options south of the arena near Duquesne University. 

      Walk a few blocks west to Downtown for a large variety of more upscale places. 

      And don't pass up this chance to sample Pittsburgh's thriving brewpub scene, famous for its craft beers and tasty food including local specialties. 

      More Ways to Enjoy Pittsburgh's Food Culture

      Downtown Pittsburgh Food & Drink

      • Meat & Potatoes (649 Penn Ave) - Choose the rib eye steak for two and customize your sauces, sides, and potatoes, go for a burger with a side of poutine, or indulge in any of the other meat-centric specialties. Mussels and frites hit the spot too!
      • Proper Brick Oven & Tap Room (139 7th Street) - Craft beers on tap, pizza, salads, and Italian specialties emphasizing local seasonal produce with almost everything made from scratch, including the delicious fresh mozzarella, pastas, and desserts.

      Pittsburgh Hotel Bars & Restaurants

      • Biergarten at Kimpton Hotel Monaco (Downtown) - Relax on the Biergarten's appealing 9th floor rooftop patio bar and enjoy a winning combination of European beverages, German specialties to munch on, pub games, and sweeping city views.

      More Pittsburgh Attractions & Things to Do

      Visiting Pittsburgh to attend a PPG Paints Arena event?  Don't miss these top attractions and fun things to do:

      • Top Pittsburgh Attractions - Acrisure Field and the Pittsburgh Steelers, PPG Paints Arena and the Pittsburgh Penguins, Andy Warhol Museum (117 Sandusky, 2-minute walk from PPG Paints Arena), Market Square (intersection of Market Street and Forbes Ave - restaurants, street vendors, pop-up markets, and cool architecture), Rivers Casino (777 Casino Drive, 1 block from Heinz Field)
      • Kids' Favorites in Pittsburgh - Children's Museum of Pittsburgh (10 Children's Way, close to PPG Paints Arena), Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium (1 Wild Place), Carnegie Science Center (1 Allegheny Drive, across from Heinz Field)

      More Fun Things to Do in Pittsburgh

      PPG Paints Arena Gift Ideas

      Need a PPG Paints Arena gift for a friend, family member, or colleague?

      Check out these cool PPG Paints Arena gift ideas from Amazon:  PPG Paints Arena wall art and posters, banners, ornaments, and more! 

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