Planning to catch a Pittsburgh Penguins ice hockey game at their home rink in Pittsburgh's PPG Paints Arena or an away game on the road?

We've got you covered with everything you need to know about the Penguins' schedule, tickets, promo codes, tips about best seats, fun facts about the team, mascot, and players, plus lots more, including where to stay near PPG Paints Arena if you're coming from out of town for a home game.

The Pens have competed with the National Hockey League's Eastern Conference since 1967.  With five Stanley Cup wins in 1991, 1992, 2009, 2016, and 2017 and several former team members inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, they deliver a lot of excitement on the ice. 

Want to help them bring home another Stanley Cup this year?  Make sure you're cheering them on!

Top photo:  Pittsburgh Penguins - Photo credit: Dan4th Nicholas

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Pittsburgh Penguins Schedule, Tickets, & Discount Promo Code

Pittsburgh Penguins pre-season games start in early fall, and continue through the winter and mid-spring.  When the Pens make the playoffs and Stanley Cup finals, games continue through late spring. 

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Pittsburgh Penguins Home Games at PPG Paints Arena:  Schedule & Tickets

Join other Pens fans and cheer your favorite team on their home ice!

    All Penguins Games:  Schedule & Tickets

    Willing to travel to see your favorite NHL team?  Here's the Penguins' complete game schedule:

      Best Seats for Penguins Games

      PPG Paints Arena Seating Map
      PPG Paints Arena seating map courtesy of TicketLiquidator

      PPG Paints Arena, considered of the best multi-purpose arenas in the US, doesn't really have a bad seat or section for viewing Penguins games.

      But let's face it:  the lower level seats (sections 101-122), especially those mid-ice) are the most coveted and the most expensive.  Rows in these premium sections are lettered A-Y ("A" being closest to the ice), with double-lettered rows in a few sections. 

      Local businesses snap up many/most of the premium club seats, executive suites, party suites, and loge boxes for their executives and guests.  If you see them offered on the secondary market (such as TicketNetwork and TicketLiquidator) and can afford them while still paying your rent, go for it!  Depending on the seats you choose, you may even have access to a swanky lounge with a full-service bar, fancy concession stands, and table-top seating.

      However, if you just want to see the game without bankrupting yourself, don't worry.  Tickets for upper level seats (sections 201-234) at PPG arena are much more affordable, and you'll enjoy the arena's famously excellent sight lines. 

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      Fun Facts about the Pittsburgh Penguins (Including How They Became Penguins)

      Pittsburgh Penguin logo

      1.  You probably won't be surprised to hear that the Pittsburgh Penguin's mascot is, well, a penguin.  But did you know that the Penguins's mascot was once a live penguin named Pete who regularly appeared on the ice in front of Penguin fans during 1968? 

      2.  In case you're wondering how the Pens got their team name, a fan submitted it in a "name this new team" contest, inspired by the "Igloo," the team's former arena.  In case you are thinking the name refers to penguins' love of ice, that's an exaggeration.  Out of the 18-22 penguins species (scientists can't agree on the number), only two reportedly really love it, while some others love heat. Fortunately, the Pittsburgh Penguins appear to be the ice-loving type. 

      3.  What does the yellow triangle in the Penguin's logo symbolize?  Maybe a brightly lit (and strangely shaped) ice rink?  No - it represents the Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle, the commonly-used name for the downtown neighborhood where the Arena is located.

      4.  Why are the Pen's team colors black and gold?  Well, they weren't always - originally the team wore blue and white, and they occasionally still bring back those colors on special occasions.  But in 1980, they switched to black and gold along with the Steelers and the Pirates, Pittsburgh's other pro teams, to match the colors of Pittsburgh's city flag.  And in case you're wondering, the Pittsburgh flag's colors are based on the colors worn by William Pitt the Elder, an 18th century British statesman and the city's namesake.

      5.  In case you haven't heard, the current controlling owner of the Pittsburgh Penguins is Fenway Sports Group - yes, the same group that owns the Boston Red Sox, the UK's Liverpool FC, Boston's Fenway Park, and a few other sports-related holdings.  

      Who Are the Penguins' Most Famous Players?

      Le Magnifique sculpture by Bruce Wolfe outside of PPG Paints Arena - Photo credit: jpellgen@1179_jp
      Le Magnifique sculpture of the Penguins' Mario Lemieux by Bruce Wolfe outside of PPG Paints Arena - Photo credit: jpellgen@1179_jp

      That's easy to answer:  Hockey Hall of Famer Mario Lemeiux - known as just Mario to Penguins fans - wins the "Most Famous Penguins Player" title hands down. 

      Le Magnifique, as Lemeiux is also called, is widely considered one of the greatest players of all time during his 1984-2006 career with the team, leading them to two consecutive Stanley Cup championships in 1991 and 1992, despite significant health issues that prevented him from ever playing a full season. 

      Maybe equally important, Lemieux also saved the Pens from oblivion - a.k.a. bankruptcy - by buying them (along with invester Ron Burkle) in 1999 and then working out a deal with Pittsburgh to build PPG Paints Arena, considered one of the best multi-purpose arenas in the nation.  In addition to being the team's principal owner, he continued to play until his 2006 retirement, and continues to be part-owner and Chairman of the Board.

      Other famous Pittsburgh Penguins players include Sidney Crosby (considered by many to be the "Mario" of his generation), Evgeni Malkin, Kevin Stevens, Jean Pronovost, Kris Letang, Ron Francis, and Jaromir Jagr.

      Best Places to Stay near PPG Paints Arena

      The two Pittsburgh hotels located closest to PPG Paints Arena, located on the East Side of Downtown Pittsburgh are:

      Important to note: both of these East Side hotels in Downtown Pittsburgh are also within two very short blocks from Duquesne University, so book early to get your dates.

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